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     It's your lucky day to find custom an unique items. If you are looking for a custom artistic gift! You definitly will find it here! In the likely event you don't see an image of interest to you. Feel free to drop a message through our contact page and let us know what you would like us to create for you!

     Some of the things offered here will be custom done items such as graphic logos and character designs to your liking within reason. Which means if a large number of changes has to be made, a small extra fee will be added! 


     Custom apparel shirts, mugs, posters, and tote bags, or custom laser etched tumblers, will be available for purchase in the Store!

     There will also be a creator owned web based comic book called BREAKOUT coming soon!


     Finally there will also be advertising space available upon request on a monthly basis for a one time fee per month. For all interested individuals can feel free to send a message requesting additional information on how to do this. Which will include price quote for which page and how long the add will run.

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    Coming Soon! Breakout!

 Celeste mouse pad  $14.50
Infinite Phoenix Cell case
Inifinite Phoenix
  Cell Case  $16.00
Gemstone  Breakout Shirt  $24.00
Custom Tumblers
$ 29.50

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