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Hello everyone! Thanks ahead of time for coming to my personal studio. I grew up with a passion for art from a young age. It has always been an excellent way relax and unwind from a stressful day. I have always enjoyed expressing creative ideas and coming up with unique designs.  I think you will find both here in one form or another.   I graduated with Bachelors of Fine Arts.  I have done freelance work as a graphic designer for a number of individuals.  I have created unique custom etchings on glass mirrors, beer mugs, and plain glass.  I'm currently working on opening my web store, along with illustrating my own creator owned comic called Breakout.  Which is scheduled to launch later this year. The book will be coming out first as a web based comic available here for sale.  All who sign up on my contact page will be added to my mailing list.  They will also be receiving a special treat when the books drops, that will be announced later. Once again give us a like and sign up here at the contact page

Benjamin Murray

Artist/ Illustrator/Graphic Designer

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